Primary School Days
Forest and Woodland schools have gained in popularity in recent years.  This stems from a concept in Denmark which showed that children attending forest schools developed strong social skills and were able to work in groups more effectively and had higher self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities.  This has proved to be an effective foundation which has raised academic achievement.

We aim to encourage and inspire individuals of all ages through positive experiences and participation in multiple activities in a woodland setting.


Our activities are designed to allow children and adults to learn about their natural environment, to handle risks and solve problems using their own initiative.

The woodland boasts several clearings which are specially designed for multi activity use such as:

Shelter Building, Nature Studies, Bushcraft, Fire Lighting, Tools Skills, Teambuilding, Plant identification and uses, Green Woodworking, Environmental Studies, Art and Crafts

They will also be used for the Adventurous Learner Programme (ALP)  with specifically designed activities to inspire children in literacy, numeracy and science based sessions.

(see our poster here)


All activities are supervised by our qualified and experienced staff.

Your day will be planned to meet your exact requirements.

Activities can be planned to enhance current learning subjects, and can be lengthened or shortened to suit your exact requirements.

We can also operate on your site enhancing natural materials available as we have done for several schools

Contact us for details 01325 251513