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Hand Drill

Bow Drill

This is the most universal method in the world; although it is without a doubt the most difficult to master. It requires a reasonable amount of physical strength and the ability to achieve fire and the ability to tolerate a few blisters in the early stage of mastering the technique. Once these are overcome however, and success achieved the sense of satisfaction at joining that EXCLUSIVE HAND DRILL CLUB is immense!


Although the hand drill is the most universal friction fire method in the world, the bow drill is probably the most dependable. The student of the bow drill will also excel in other areas whilst they study fire making. They will gain knowledge of trees, shrubs and plants as they are taught how to search for the correct materials they need.



We provide free instructional aftercare advice via email, phone or in person to anyone attending our fire by friction courses.

There is something truly magical about gently coaxing a smouldering ember from seemingly inert materials and seeing it progress to a life giving flame. It is a wonderful skill to have and one that is almost as enthralling to watch as it is to perform.

Fire by friction Hand and bow drill techniques

Adult prices £45 pounds per person

10.00am to 3.30pm Saturdays and Sundays dates to be arranged, please contact us for details.
Fresh tea and coffee provided from the stove the traditional way.