CDWES is an exciting service for Teachers, pupils, youth groups, uniformed services and individuals. We can guarantee exclusive use of our privately owned woodland situated 6 miles from the centre of Durham City.

We offer woodland experience days and longer courses to allow schools, groups and individuals to experience and appreciate the benefits of woodland environments. These can be tailored to suit the individual or groups need eg based on a current topic study such as Kelts or Romans and how they lived and survived.  It can include tracking animals, survival situations and work towards nationally recognised qualifications.














All our staff are highly trained enthusiasts who thrive in the woodland environment.  All group leaders will have a nationally recognised qualification or significant experience in survival situations.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us please e-mail us at info@cdwes.co.uk or call us at 01325 251513/07989 682085.

New for 2018

The Adventurous Learner Programme (ALP) which aims to inspire children by creating writing hooks through outdoor learning, offering hands on maths lessons and giving children the chance to scientifically explore our beautiful outdoors.

Prices -

One-off day - £250

6 sessions (sessions are a full school day) - £1200

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